Tyre Repair Station

A unique and versatile stand-alone tyre repair station, designed for one man operation. Perfectly suited for tyre repair shops and tyre collection points.

Features :

  • Combination repair preparation station with mini extruder, tilt table, and spot vulcaniser.
  • Built-in lift for loading tyres and positioning the spot vulcaniser.
  • 3 position tilt table allows the vulcaniser to be positioned in any part of the tyre and allows 360° rotation of the tyre.
  • Ample Lighting at each station.
  • Digital temperature controllers for mini extruder and spot vulcaniser.
  • Temperature setting lock prevents intentional or accidental override.
  • Extremely ergonomic design to reduce operator fatigue and prevent injury.
  • Inbuild mini extruder with accessories.
  • Selection of heating pads for repairing all areas in a wide range of tyres.
  • Suitable for tyres with bead diameters from 14” to 24.5” and bead widths from 140 mm to 470 mm.