Monorail System

Modular Steel construction that can be fully integrated and customised for each retreading plant for smooth movement of casings throughout the factory Process.

Features :

  • It can be fit in to any desired retread plant layouts.
  • Track change, Tyre Lift arrangements for smooth tyre transition
  • Heavy Steel Construction to withstand higher productivity



Monorail - 3 way Track Switch,Monorail - Curved Track - 90 Deg

Monorail - Single Support Column

Monorail - Double Support Column

Monorail - Track Support Arm

Monorail - Curved Track - 90 Deg

Monorail - Straight Track

Monorail - Straight Track with Top Support

Monorail - Support Inter Connection Bar

Monorail - 2 way Track Switch LH

Monorail - 2 way Track Switch RH

3-way monorail track switch

Monorail - Straight Track with Lift

Monorail - Support Column Fixed Lift Attachment