Vice President - Manufacturing

At Elgi, the work environment is very friendly, and top management is easily approachable and supportive as we implement new ideas and systems. Elgi empowers me with the freedom of work to make decisions and the job satisfaction that I always longed for. To me, Elgi is a family with which I am growing every day to improve myself in different areas and acquire new knowledge and skills. Elgi is a great place to work and explore our skills, and top management guides us to learn a lot. Don’t go with the flow; be the flow. The mind is everything; what you think, you become.

K. Thangamuthu
Vice President - Finance & Accounts

Working at ELGI has been an incredible journey, and I am grateful for the opportunities and growth I have experienced. The leadership at ELGI has been invaluable in shaping my professional journey. The company's continued expansion and global presence have opened avenues for personal and professional development.As an employee, it is reassuring to be part of an organization that places a strong emphasis on integrity.Knowing that my work aligns with these values gives me a sense of purpose and pride in what I do.

G.H. Krishnamoorthy
Assistant General Manager - South

As a manager at Elgi, one aspect of my company that fascinates me is the fact that Elgi is able to survive in challenging market circumstances, and this is only possible because of the transparent policy that they maintain at all times. "Freedom to express" is a right that every employee at Elgi has, regardless of their position in the organization. At Elgi, a manager is given not only responsibility but also equal authority, which motivates us to give our all to the company, and as an individual, I am extremely proud to be a member of the Elgi team.

K. Deepak
Assistant General Manager- North

Working at ELGI is fantastic because it allows me to maximize my potential and contribute to the success of my company every day. I have felt recognised for every activity I have undertaken since my first day at ELGI, when I began as A.G.M. head for the North and West Regions. I enjoy working with ELGI because of the variety of roles and experiences available to me, as well as the sense of limitless opportunity that this provides. Not only in terms of business and categories, but also in terms of the relationships we built and the close collaboration we had with existing channel partners, other companies, and industry leaders. I believe that a career at ELGI could take you to new heights.

S. Shankar Vadivel
Senior General Manager - Sales & Marketing

My journey with Elgi began in 1985. Even though I was new to the industry, I was given a lot of opportunities and responsibilities that helped me learn. Customers' needs helped me to improve my technical and managerial skills, which accelerated my career growth in the company. Knowledge and experience gained from my superiors and through my exposures is an invaluable asset for me. I had every opportunity and exposure to contribute to the advancements. I have thoroughly enjoyed and continue to enjoy my work over the last three decades.