Tyre Retreading & Repair Machinery

6 Series

  • Performance and capability of machines costing many times more
  • Designed from the ground up to meet the demands for high productivity, uniformity and reliability at an affordable price
  • Capacities starting from 15 tyres per hour *
  • Capable of retreading a wide range of light truck and truck casings in a bead diameter range from 14” to 24.5”
  • Handles section widths from 140 mm to 470 mm **
  • Meets international occupational health and safety standards ***
  • Ergonomic design to facilitate operator movement and minimise fatigue
  • Compact footprint
  • Modular concept for easy upgrades
  • Designed for use with or without a monorail transport system (casing)
  • Available in a range of electric power supply specifications
  • Simple design - easy to operate and maintain
  • Robust for long lasting, trouble free operation

* Based on 315/80R22.5 casings. Output could vary based on process followed.
** Refer to specifications sheets for individual machines.
*** Certification and compliance standards vary by country/region. Requirements need to specified when ordering.

Tyre Sidewall Cleaner

TC 6

Inspection Spreader

IS 6

Buffing Machine

BF 6

Building Machine

BI 6

Envelope Spreader

ES 6

Electric Autoclave

EA 6

Tyre Painting Station

PS 6

Tyre Repair Station

TR 6