Sealing System Stations

Device designed to facilitate mounting of the inside envelope, (and rim or FlexSeal as appropriate) thus reducing assembly time.

  • Compact flip table with 2 rotating rubber covered tops.
  • Rim support for applying dimensions (16,20,22 & 22.5).
  • Pneumatic lift system with counter weight and pulleys to aid in positioning and locking curing rims.
  • Lever activated pneumatic lift to position the casing on the monorail.

SE 1

Sealing System Station - SE 1
Model SE 1
Catalogue No. MD30 1

SE 2

Sealing System Station - SE 2
Model SE 2
Catalogue No. MD30 2

SE 3

Sealing System Station - SE 3
Model SE 3
Catalogue No. MD30 3