Cement Booths

The Cement booth provides for uniform application of the BVC in an efficient and contained manner to optimize application, prevent overspray and eliminate fumes.

  • Cement booths designed to meet the factory layout.
  • Rollers to lift tyres from the monorail.
  • Remote cement application for safety.
  • Foot pedal controlled rotlation for ease of operation and to enhance productivity.
  • Integrated lighting to help ensure an even application.
  • Efficient base level exhaust system to provide an efficient exhaust, with activated carbon filter to absorb cement gases.
Cement Booth - CB 1

CB 1

Model CB 1
Catalogue No. MA21 1
Cement Booth - CB 2

CB 2

Model CB 2
Catalogue No. MA21 2
Cement Booth - CB 3

CB 3

Model CB 3
Catalogue No. MA21 3