Elgi Rubber Company Limited

Elgi Rubber Company Limited has its headquarters in India with subsidiaries in Australia, Brasil, Kenya, the Netherlands, Sri Lanka and the United States of America. Elgi manufactures a comprehensive range of raw material, equipment, tools and accessories used in the 'Rubber Industry', predominantly in the 'Tyre sector'. With state of the art manufacturing facilities, testing laboratories and R&D centres around the world, Elgi is able to deliver products to the most demanding users.


Elgi's products are sold under the following brands:


Retread and Repair Systems

  • Retreading machines - full range of production machines
  • Retreading consumables (Envelopes / Repairs)
  • Technical support
  • Training


  • Manufacturing: Buffing machine, air control and dust collection systems.
  • Premiere supplier of expanding hub and rim assembly to the industry.
  • Elgi purchased CRS in 2015, maintaining the staff and location in Hamilton, OH.

Expandable Rims & Hubs


Retread Process Equipment

  • 'Armonas Equipamentos Indústrias Ltda' - manufacturers of Retread auxiliary machines, exhaust and rubber dust handling equipment.
  • Monorail and tyre handling equipment for the Retreading Industry.


  • The Pincott trademark is the family name of its founder James Spencer Pincott.
  • Known the world over.
  • Focus on full range of Buffing products - rasp blades.
  • Lowest cost per buff with patentable blades
  • Elgi Rubber acquired Pincott and later shifted manufacturing to India in 2011.

Rasp Blades, Hubs & Spacers


  • Carbrasive commenced operations in 1979.
  • The roll grinding and retread industries historically have been the mainstay of the company although there are now several other industries such as conveyor belt, shoe repair and surfboard industries who seek solutions from Carbrasive for difficult grinding applications.
  • In 2009 the company’s assets and IP was sold to Elgi Rubber Company.

Brazed Carbide Tools

Midwest Rubber

  • Founded in 1924 in Milwaukee as a tire accessory distributor and tire repair manufacturer.
  • First patent holder of combination repairs (patch + plug)
  • Expanded into liquids, cements and retreading and industrial compounds in 1976
  • Elgi acquired Midwest in 2011
  • Focus on industrial rubber compound processing using calendar and extrusion equipment.

Gums, Adhesives & Sealants


  • Elgi Rubber acquired Western States Manufacturing in 2014
  • Primary product focus is on tire repairing.
  • The Western Weld brand is used to address the non-retreading segments in North America’ to include the Automotive, Lawn and Garden as well as Agriculture segments.
  • Global Western Weld distribution began in 2016.

Tyre & Tube Repair Products

Rubber Resources

  • Recycle activity was founded by Vredestein, Dutch tyre producer, to reuse waste in their tyre compounds in 1956.
  • Rubber Resources became a member of Elgi Rubber Company Ltd in 2011.
  • Expertise in recycling & compounding
  • Production plants in the Netherlands and India
  • Markets: Europe, USA, Latin America, Asia
  • Segment: Mainly Passenger & Truck Tires
  • Applications: Inner liner, Tread, Sidewall and Carcass compounds

Reclaim Rubber

Rubber Compounding Holland

  • Rubber Compounding Holland B.V. was founded in 2011.
  • Specialized in the production of coloured and black rubber compounds in both masterbatch and final batch.
  • Two mixing lines - one for the production of white and coloured compounds and one for the production of black compounds.
  • RCH became a 100% owned subsidiary of Elgi Rubber Company Ltd in January 2016.

Rubber Compounds

The company reserves the right to change equipment specifications and models without notice. Pictures are representative and may not be part of the standard equipment.

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